Welcome to our special place of healing

Walk through our doors and into our care, take a deep breath and relax. You have come to the right place. Here you will find unparalleled professional counseling paired with a personal touch you will not find anywhere else.

We help children and young teens survive and ultimately thrive after suffering the loss of a loved one, manage anxiety, as well as process life stressors and develop healthy coping habits for the many things that life throws at them. Hearts & Crafts is a non-profit organization supported largely by our modest fees and private donations.

Hearts & Crafts Counseling has an established history of helping children and young teens since 1994 when it first opened its doors in Suffern, NY. Hearts & Crafts Counseling was founded by Laura Hudson, a board certified art therapist who had the vision to create a place that catered to our most vulnerable demographic, children and teens. She knew that Hearts & Crafts Counseling had to look and feel different, special and unlike any other counseling practice around. This tenet has been the driving principle that has kept us focused as we evolved from a modest beginning in Suffern to a larger practice that moved to Bergen County NJ and then in 2022 opened a new location in Fishkill NY. Just like we teach our clients to be flexible and grow, we too had to change the way we structured our practice to meet the needs of the community.

Located at 1068 Main Street in Fishkill NY,  families are provided with a safe, home-like setting during their healing process. Hearts & Crafts is the skilled team of Samantha Tinter, Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tina Irwin, LMSW and Jenna Knudsen, LMSW.  Together, they provide a unique blend of professionalism and true caring to all those who walk through their doors.