Welcome to our special place of healing

Walk through our doors and into our care, take a deep breath and relax. You have come to the right place. Here you will find unparalleled professional counseling paired with a personal touch you will not find anywhere else.

Since 1994, Hearts & Crafts Counseling has provided individual and group counseling services. We help children and teens survive and ultimately thrive after suffering the loss of a loved one or experiencing any other life-altering situation. Hearts & Crafts is a non-profit organization supported largely by our modest fees and private donations.

Located at 442 Broadway in Hillsdale, NJ, families are provided with a safe, home-like setting during their healing process. Hearts & Crafts is the skilled team of Laura Hudson, Board Certified Art Therapist and Samantha Tinter, Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Madeline Salerno, a Licensed Social Worker and our newest addition, Ashley McClintock a Licensed Social Worker.  Together, they provide a unique blend of professionalism and true caring to all those who walk through their doors.